Stadtmusik BielMusique de la Ville de Bienne


Themes From "Green Bushes" Percy Aldridge Grainger, arr. Larry D. Daehn
Third Symphony

James Barnes

Prelude to a Celebration

Philip Sparke

Blue Shades

Frank Ticheli

Barnum &  Bailey's Favorite

Karl L. King, arr. Glenn Cliffe Bainum

Overture to "Candide"

Leonard Bernstein, trsc. by Clare Grundman

The Colors of Tali

Thomas Doss

Cossack Fire Dance

Peter Graham

El Camino Real

Alfred Reed

Danzòn no. 2

Arturo Marquez, trsc. by Oliver Nickel


Eric Whitacre

Sing, sing, sing with a Swing

Louis Prima, arr. Gregory Heiniger

Rolling Thunder

Henry Fillmore, arr. by Rober E. Foster

Strange Humors

John Mackey

The Fly

Karl L. King, arr. Glenn Cliffe Bainum